• 3 Steps to Unblock a Toilet Without Using a Plunger

    unblock without plunger

    What can you do when someone gets overzealous with using the toilet paper and blocks your toilet in the process?

    The toilet plunger is your default tool in cases of blockage but what happens when the plunger goes MIA? Here are 3 simple but sure steps to help you unblock your toilet in record time with minimal effort:


    Step 1: Pour a generous amount of liquid soap or shampoo on the toilet.

    The soap you use does not necessarily have to be the strongest detergent soap in your closet. Though that helps, it is alright to use the dish washing liquid soap you use in the kitchen. What this does to the toilet paper stuck at the bottom of the toilet is it soften them for them to be easily carried by the water. What water?

    Step 2: Add a few big pots of very hot water.

    As you pour down the hot water make sure to put a few seconds of interval as a way of giving the hot water time to work on the blockage. It will not dissolve it. The hot water only helps in softening the build-up and helps it slide down the toilet bowl.

    Note that the water should be very hot but not boiling hot. Flushing down boiling water will crack and destroy your toilet. What this does is that it helps flush down the

    Step 3: Wait and see!

    The water should be able to flush everything down everything and the soap or shampoo should be helpful in sliding the waste and toilet paper down the toilet. You may repeat steps 1 and 2 if it does not unblock the first time. Also, you can utilise the bent wire to push everything down.

    If neither of the options worked for you, then you can go ahead and use a Pongtu – a Korean suction device used for blocked toilets, to pull everything out because why not make a revolting situation even more gross? Right? Happy plumbing!