• 4 Common Causes of Blocked Drains

    Plumberrozelle Blocked Drain

    If you’re facing a blocked drain issue, this can be very time-consuming when you try to repair them since you still have to determine the factors that cause it. Sometimes, our drain gives hints that something is blocking the flow of water from passing through. Before repairing the problem, it would be best to determine the cause of the problem in order to know what kind of method or tool you’re going to use to mend the predicament. Typically, when it comes to blocked drains, the 4 factors below are the reason why the problem emerges.

    Hair huddles

    It’s true that a single strand of hair isn’t really a threat to our drains, however, if they have already accumulated within the drains, your drains might be completely blocked anytime soon. They have the ability to do this by forming into a huge ball that blocks the flowing water from passing through. A simple way to avert this situation is to check your sinks and tubs regularly. Also, through regular inspection, you will also reduce the possibility of hair build-up. For some households, as a preventive action, they try to put strainers that can catch and block these strands of hair and other unnecessary materials from entering your drains.

    Hard water

    If you have hard water at home, it would better to install a water softener in your household. This is because this type of water contains minerals and sediments such as calcium and magnesium. These sediments have actually the ability to stick to the interior wall of the pipe. If that occurs, they will accumulate over time and the flowing water will have a hard time in passing through.

    The presence of the minerals in the walls actually decreases the flow capacity of waste water and will result in an obstruction and clogs. Furthermore, it’s not recommended to utilized hard water due to some disadvantages it gives to your kitchenware, bathroom, plumbing fixtures and clothes.

    Chemical solutions

    There are still some homeowners that are probably oblivious to the harmful chemical solutions can do to their drains. Since it’s proven and has licensed, people opt to chemical-based cleaners in order to clean their respective drains. On the other hand, these products can actually pose a threat that will damage the pipe due to corrosion. If your pipe is buried underneath the ground and collapse due to the excessive use of chemical solutions, expect for some clogs and back flows to occur.

    Soap and shampoo bubble

    Although these two can’t completely obstruct the passage of wastewater, it can still decrease the pipe’s size. Shampoo and soap bubbles dwindle the diameter of the passage of the wastewater the moment these two sticks in the pipe’s wall down the floor drain. With that being said, the water will slowly drain and won’t be able to catch up on how fast the used water gathers on the floor. If you have noticed that this is happening to your floor draining whenever you take a shower and you neglect it, it will accumulate further and will completely obstruction drains over time.