• 4 Common Residential Drainage Problems

    plumberrozelle residential drainage problems

    Drainage problems are common to many households and water damage experts have tried hard to find what their causes are. This is because many of these problems may be small and harmless at the start, but can turn into a disastrous one when ignored. And to help homeowners know what they are and what causes them, here are some residential drainage problems revealed by professionals:

    1.    Water Basement Damage

    Many homeowners are troubled by the amount of water they usually see in their basements. And many are asking where these waters came from. Experts say that these waters may have found their way into your basements because of some leaks present in your basement walls or because of a completely flooded basement. No matter which of these is the real cause, we would still need to know the real water source so that you can repair the damage in the basement to solve the problem.

    If you do not know how to determine if leaks are present or the source of the water flooding your basements, you can ask a professional to do the job for you as they are more informed and experienced in troubleshooting and finding the cause of the problem.

    1.    Water Damage in Crawl Spaces

    Aside from basements, water flooding could also occur in the crawl spaces. And these occurrences could lead to many problems, especially to the foundation. If you ignore this problem and just allow the water to stay stagnant in the area, it can cause mould and mildew to develop that is more destructive to your home because it can cause the floors and walls to rot. When this problem occurs, instead of calling a professional immediately, you can try to spot the source of the water, remedy the mould presence when the water dries off and replace the decayed floors. If the problem would still occur even after the repair, you can seek the help of a professional.

    1.    Soggy-Wet Yards

    Soggy-wet yards are indeed a problem to many homeowners especially when you have little children at home. Aside from tracking the mud and dirt as they enter your home, they may as well intake the mud outside or even play and gravitate with it which is very dangerous. Many homeowners would ask why the yard holds water. Experts say that this may be because of the uneven level of the area or the removal of the topsoil that causes water to puddle in the yard when no plant could absorb it.

    1.    Houses Built at the Bottom of a Hill

    If your house is built at the bottom of the hill, then you might be already aware of the drainage problems it can cause. This is because the water flows downhill which validates the fact that the water from the properties located at a higher elevation will travel down to the properties located at a lower elevation. However, collecting these waters and routing them away from your home may save your home’s foundation and structural integrity.