• 4 Reasons why Your Toilet Gets Clogged All the Time

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    Toilet clogs are annoying to deal with but it can be manageable most of the time. However, dealing with a clog again and again can become annoying and also time-consuming. It’s important to know the causes of a toilet clog so you can take precautions and actions to stop the obstructions from happening. Here are the top probable reasons why your toilet is frequently clogged.


    1. Flushing too many toilet papers all at once

    Toilet papers are the only hygiene products that are completely safe to flush without worrying about clogs. In fact, it’s the only item that can be flushed without trouble aside from human wastes. However, toilet paper can clog the toilet if you’re not careful on how many you’re flushing. If it’s your habit to drain a lot of toilet paper simultaneously or in large portions then it’s no wonder that your toilet is getting clogged frequently. Only flush toilet paper in small amounts and in a non-consecutive manner.   

    1. Flushing different objects in the toilet

    This is the most common reason why a toilet gets clogged. Many people often get the notion that a toilet is the trash can of the bathroom which is completely false. Cotton buds, plastics, female hygiene items, wipes, cat litter, and other items are usually flushed. Since the effects of flushing, these objects aren’t instantaneous; homeowners often keep on doing this. Of course, the continuous flushing of items that don’t decompose or take too long to deteriorate will accumulate on the toilet pipes. The accumulation will continue until the toilet will be unable to flush or move water through its pipeline.

    The best way to stop this problem is just limit your flushing between small amounts of toilet paper and human waste. You should also take a mental note that even an item can be drained down the toilet; it doesn’t mean it’s okay to do so. That drained object can get stuck on the toilet pipes – especially the curved section of the pipe lining.   

    1. Roots in the sewer line

    Doing maintenance on your toilet and not flushing random objects is definitely one of the best ways to prevent your toilet from being clogged. But if you noticed that the toilet clogs are still persistent despite your best efforts in preventing obstructions. There’s a great chance that it’s the sewer line that’s causing the problem. One of the common problems in the sewer line is plant roots. Specifically; medium and large trees that can grow massive and tangling roots. These roots can penetrate and enter a sewer pipe and cause a major blockage as it grows into a larger size. You should place plants that are in small stature since this greenery only require a shallow ground for their roots.  

    There may be other problems in the sewer line like a collapsed pipe section that becomes the blockage itself. You need to get a plumber to inspect the pipes and get a definite answer on what’s going on with it.

    1. The toilet has problems

    There are situations in which the toilet itself is causing the clog. It could be that the flapper has some mechanical issues which lower the power of the flush and stops the wastes from being flushed properly.