• The 5 Main Causes of Clogged Drains in your Home

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    The best way to keep your drain free-flowing is by doing proper upkeep. When it comes to drains in your house, its primary issues would be none other than clogs. This can be easily fixed with the use of a plunger and some homemade natural cleaners. The key to lowering the instances of clogs is by knowing how it is formed and to be able to prevent it from happening. Stop those clogs from forming and learn the causes of clogged drains.


    1. Food waste in garbage disposals

    A garbage disposal can help lessen the amount of waste that is drained into the kitchen sink. However, a common habit of people using these machines is that they consider it as the same with a garbage can, which can cause consequences in the long run. Your garbage disposal may be able to cut some food residue with ease, but it doesn’t apply to all food groups. The disposal unit can get jammed or won’t effectively pulverise the waste put into it. Don’t throw bones, huge food chunks, pasta, seeds, vegetable/fruit peelings, and among other foods that can potentially halt the mechanism of the garbage disposal.


    2.Hair strands

    This is a problem that is more persistent in the bathroom since this is the area in which a lot of loose hair falls and gathers around the drain. An easy way to avoid this problem is by combing your hair and getting rid of loose hair in the process. Do this before entering the bathroom since it lessens the amount of hair that falls on the bathroom floor. You should also install hair catcher or hair guards to make it uncomplicated for you to gather and dispose hair.


    3.The drainage outside your house

    Don’t be too preoccupied with the maintenance inside your house that you forgot to take care of your outdoor drainage. The drains outside are also prone to clogs so always make sure that you get rid of leaves, trash, and other objects that can block it. You actually don’t need to put a lot of effort since you’ll just have to sweep the drains frequently.


    4.Grease accumulation

    Little do people know that grease & oils that they usually drain down can actually cause major clogs with not just the drain pipes but also the sewer lines. It doesn’t immediately take effect as it takes time to harden and block the pipeline. Grease can even cause food residue to stick to it and create an even bigger clog. Removing grease is very difficult and even both enzyme and chemical cleaners are ineffective against it. A water jetter is very useful in eliminating grease from pipelines due to its powerful water pressure.  


    5.Plant roots

    The greenery in your house may be the cause of clogged drains due to its tree roots. Some of you may not know that these roots can actually enter the water or sewer line and become a massive obstruction. Also, the roots may grow bigger and cause your pipes to leak or just crumble.