• 5 Steps to Retrieve Lost Items in the Drain

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    There are inevitable occasions when you accidentally drop your belongings and pieces of jewelry such as earrings and rings down the drain. Leaving them there is just out of the question. First, the jewel piece may hold a sentimental value and second, it could be another reason for pipe blockage. To make you at ease, here are 5 useful and fool-proof steps on how to retrieve your belongings from the drain:
    Step 1: Turn off the supply valve.

    Before doing any step to fixing the problem, always remember to cut off the water supply. The supply valve is often located under the sink and adhered to the walls. Doing this step will make your job easier.
    Step 2: Place a bucket underneath the tap for good measure.

    When you have turned off the supply, look for a bucket and place that under the trap pipe. This bucket will serve as the catch basin for the filth that might fall once you loosen and remove the trap. It is necessary to minimise the mess. Water will initially spill into the bucket upon opening. Be cautious not to get into direct contact with the water as it could be smelly, riddled with grime and filthy.
    Step 3: Dismantle the tap.

    The trap is connected to a slip nut. A washer is found wedged between the slip joint nut and the trap. Keep the washer at a safe place while you go on with the project. You will need this tiny material in reassembling and sealing the trap back up. Loosening the trap can be easy if you have a plastic trap. If you have this, unscrewing it with your bare hands can be done without much problem. However, if the trap is metal, you will need to use a wrench. Wrap electrical tape around the jaws of the wrench to prevent scratches and to make its grip tighter. Once done loosening the slip knots, you can proceed to remove the trap. Pour out the water inside the cap of the trap. After, you are free to look for the missing item. If you did not find the item in the cluster, feel free to flush the drain with water to make sure that everything is flushed out.
    Step 4: Scrape off all the accumulated dirt found inside the drain pipe.

    Scrape out the gunk that is accumulated in your trap using a wire brush. Through this, you will eventually find the item. Clean the trap first before reassembling it into the drain by using a garden hose; spray the trap to clean it thoroughly. This process is good for preventing future drain blockages.
    Step 5: Put the drain pieces back together.

    When you are finally successful at retrieving your item, it is time to put back the items together. Put things back to its original position. Tighten the slip nuts and trap using your hands. To make sure the slip knots are secured, use the wrench for added strength. Remember to tighten but not over tighten. A half turn should be enough to keep the trap for leakage.