• 6 Hassle-free Tips to Maintain a Trouble-free Drain

    Plumberrozelle Trouble-free Drain

    Blockages and drainage obstructions are inevitable that is why most of us have never found any way to get rid of it. There are several factors that contribute to the blockages of your drains which include lack of maintenance, the unexpected presence of undesirable items, particle build-up within drainage pipes, root intrusion and corrosion. Restoring these troubles would not only be costly and time-consuming, it would also release foul odour or cause backups which are lethal to our family’s health. Here are some tips that could help you get rid of drainage obstructions and maintain a block-free drain.

    Use a stainless strainer

    It would be rather wise to install and utilize a stainless strainer or perforated sheets to filter and get rid of undesirable materials from entering into your drains. They sift the culprits of drainage obstruction such as hair, soap, and shampoo froth for bathroom drains, and food leftovers for sink drain.

    Run hot water into drains

    Stainless strainers, of course, have their own limitations. They couldn’t get rid of the small culprits of blockages as they can only trap larger objects. Grease and fat and soap and shampoo scum would still find its way through the drainage pipes and could cause blockages in the future. Running hot water into your drains often would dissolve grease and fat build-ups and soap and shampoo scum before it completely blocks the water passage.

    Check bathtub stoppers often

    When you take a bath, you unconsciously lost some stands of your hair and if it could find its way through the drainage pipes, it could twist and tangle with its mechanisms while simultaneously trapping more objects to create a build-up. It is advisable that once in a while, tries to check your stoppers and remove stuck hair strands and soap scum. Remove it with a bent wire hanger often to avoid build-up and total blockage.

    Be mindful of what goes down your drain

    Be mindful of what goes down your drain especially in your kitchen sinks. Food leftovers, coffee grinds, pasta-like foods and fatty substances must be kept away from your drains. Strainers may not be able to prevent these particles from your drainage system and could be the root of your plumbing havoc. It would be better to keep them from your drains and into your trash bins instead.

    Avoid the repeated use of chemical-based cleaner

    Many homeowners utilize chemical-based drain cleaners to get rid of the main culprits of drain clogs. But these cleaners aren’t really helping, instead, they cause you a greater problem. Chemical components of these cleaners would cause corrosion within your sewer pipes and could break or totally wreck your drainage pipes.

    Plumbing system should be regularly inspected and monitored

    Once in a while, engage with a plumbing professional to have your system checked and monitored. This is for you to know the current condition of your drainage system and sewer pipes. This would discover initiating obstructions earlier for you to hand over early remedies and avoid the trouble from getting worse.