• How to clean drains without a plunger

    plungerIn case you want to clean or unblock your drainage system by yourself, then the method

    you are going to use should be safe. There are a few safe techniques that you can apply to

    have the drains back into their normal conditions. Some of these means are so secure to your

    health since they are natural in their nature. Nothing could be risky like unblocking drains by

    yourself without the right skills and protection. However, the following methods will give

    you optimal security to your health.

    Use of hot water – it has been proven that by pouring some hot water into the blocked

    location could enhance the situation. It is a natural technique that has effectively been used

    by plumbers on issues of blocked drains. Basically, this method works by just pouring water

    down the drain. Hot water makes any fatty layer or grease to dissolve. Basically, this is the

    idea behind use of hot water to unblock drains. By so doing, the drainage system is relieved

    from any material that had blocked the pipes. Just make sure that the water you are going to

    use is steaming hot.

    Use of baking soda – this method is said to be the most effective natural way of cleaning and

    unblocking drains, especially when used with boiling water. Also, when used in conjunction

    with vinegar, baking soda can truly work magic on a blocked drain. It is one of the main

    techniques applied by plumbers to unblock more serious blockage cases. In addition to grease

    and fatty substances, a combination of vinegar and baking soda can dissolve food left overs,

    food pieces, hair and other substances that might be the cause of the problem.

    Plumbers snake – this tool works by corroding the inner part of the drains. When embedded

    with a camera, this tool can really work great. With such a video camera, the tool will guide

    you to the specific location harboring the problem. Besides, you will be able to see all that is

    happening in side. This snake is crucial to emergency cases at your home.