• Easy Methods you can use to maintain your Garbage Disposal

    garbage disposal

    A garbage disposal unit is a great addition to your kitchen sink as it helps lower the amount of debris and residue that enters the drain. It’s extremely important to have a well thought upkeep for your disposal unit since it can be damaged or halt its function. There are many methods that you can use to maintain your garbage disposal and these are actually solutions that anyone can do; it just takes a bit of discipline to do this frequently.


    1. Pour or run cold water after each time you use the drains

    The purpose of pouring cold water into the disposal unit is to help it flush down the residue and leftovers. The continuous flow of water can help in draining some food particles and debris that might have been stuck in the device. When doing a drain maintenance; it’s usual to use boiling water to liquefy grease and oils that might have snuck into the drain lining; but when it comes to doing upkeep for a garbage disposal then it’s best to use cold water. The explanation for this is that you need to get the oils and grease hardened so that the blades of the disposal unit will be able to easily grind it. For best results; turn off the garbage disposal after you hear a low hum from the motor and then let the cold water pour for around 10 to 20 seconds.   


    Use your garbage disposal regularly

    Little do people know that it’s not a good idea to let a garbage disposal if unused for an extended period. You see, the machine can be prone to many problems such as freezing, corrosion, and food leftovers that can become hardened ―— and causes clogs or even smells. Be sure to use your garbage disposal even if you don’t have any food to be grinded; just let the cold water run if you noticed that you haven’t been using the device for quite some time.


    Don’t place large quantities of food or large sizes of leftovers

    A garbage disposal is able to grind food in an efficient manner but it can only take a few quantities at a time. Draining a lot of food can cause the blades to be jammed and render it useless. Also, the disposal unit will have a difficult time cutting down large size of food leftovers so make sure you reduce the size of the foods you’re draining to make it easier for the disposal unit to grind food.


    Don’t use chemical cleaners

    Using a chemical drain cleaner allows for a faster clean-up but it has a lot of consequences. If you use chemical cleaners a lot then your garbage disposal can get corroded in no time. The volatile and harsh chemicals can damage the components of the device along with the internal lining of the pipes. It’s better if you just use a baking soda and vinegar solution to cleanse the drain pipes.