• How to unclog Busted french drains


    If you have a French drain system, it is considered as the most cost friendly drainage system you can get, it is really inexpensive. However, if you have a busted French drain, this is a common problem faced by many, as French drains tend to get clogged often.

    A French drain is a type of drainage that helps in channelizing water and specifically ground water of a particular area. French drains are considered low maintenance but dirt and various, other debris clog these drains easily. Hence they require regular steps to keep your french drain unclogged and clear. It’s best to follow steps to clear out a busted French drainage regularly rather than ending up with a major problem with your french drain.

    Here’s what you should do to unclog a french drain:

    First of all, get equipped, you will need a rake, garden hose, and gloves. You may have to physically pull out debris out of the drain and gloves are needed to protect your hands, there may be any sharp sort of debris stuck in the drainage which is causing it to clog.

    Then you must locate the starting point or beginning of the French drain. If it is located outside, this may be covered with grass and other weeds, dirt may be blocking this hole. Uncover as much as you can with the rake.

    Make use of your garden hose next by flushing water into the french drain in a steady, slow flow. If it’s major clog the water will start flowing back. Increase the pressure of water and its flow, sometimes this is enough to clear out the clog.

    However, if the problem is not solved then you might have to use the snake meant for the sewer. This is a long tube which is flexible, you will have to push it through the entrance of the French drain, it will meet whatever material is clogging the drain, with the help of the snake try to dismantle the clog blocking the drain, try to loosen the clog and then use a strong flow of water pressure with the hose into the pipe. This should dislodge any clog. Reinsert the snake 2-3 time for better results.

    In order that you do not face a busted French drain often, take steps to clean the drain regularly and you will never face problems. However, if your French drainage system needs some serious repairs it’s best to call in the plumbing people for more effective results. Contact an expert drain cleaner for the assistance.