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    • Water Leaks or burst water pipes
    • No more hot water
    • Blocked pipes or drains
    • Clogged up toilets that won't flush

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    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services for Rozelle

    There was a strange smell in the house, Angela realised as she opened the front door. The kids raced in, throwing bags, shoes and lunch boxes everywhere. Angela followed, picking up after them. Once the lunchboxes were in the sink, the bags by the back door and homework was set up on the dining table, Angela began to hunt down the source of the odd odour. She managed to narrow it down to the lounge room, but that was it.

    She was five minutes away from home, after dropping the kids to school, when the Plumber called to say he was only fifteen minutes away. She had barely opened the front door when the Neighbourhood Plumber arrived. Angela let him in and directed him to what she believed was the source of the problem. There was an old gas bayonet in the room which had once been used for a gas heater they no longer had. The Plumber performed a couple of tests and was quick to confirm that her hunch had been correct. The gas bayonet was definitely leaking a small amount of gas. Although they didn’t use the bayonet anymore, Angela requested that it be replaced with a new one instead of simply capped off. Her husband had been thinking of buying a new heater, so it was safer to have the bayonet for the future. The contractor provided all of his pricing up front. Angela approved the quote and went to tidy up the kitchen while the Plumber retrieved the necessary parts from his truck and then returned to install the new bayonet. Once he had completed the job, he showed Angela his work before tidying up and clearing away his tools. The smell would fade quickly now that the bayonet had been replaced, he assured her, but if she could still smell gas after a couple of days she should definitely call him back to do more investigations. Fortunately, after a week of no more gas smells, Angela was satisfied that the gas leak had been resolved.

    If you have a plumbing emergency you need repaired, contact your local Rozelle Plumber to help! Call your Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0488 886 343! Whether it’s a hot water, gas of blocked drain issue, he is qualified to help!

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