• 5 Benefits of Water Softener Installation

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    There are two kinds of water: hard and soft. Most homeowners would opt for a soft water due to its numerous benefits that it brings. They install a water softener at home to soften the water. They choose soft water than the hard water since the hard water contains minerals which could be harmful to your plumbing system and your health. Here are 5 benefits of water softener installation.


    1. Stains and residue are not present

    Stains and smudge will not be visible in your bathtubs, bathrooms, sinks, toilet, and shower once you soften the water in your house. Spots and smears will also not be found around your kitchen wares such as glasses, plates, and kettles. Through the water softener installation, you will live in a pleasant and a cleaner house compared to those when there are froth and scum visible because of the minerals present in the hard water.

    1. Faster Cooking

    There is a lower boiling point when you have softened water compared to the hard water. This is mainly because there is a lesser salt content in a soft water. Through this, you will be consuming lesser fuel and lesser time in the kitchen once you use soft water. As a result, kitchen chores will be more convenient, faster and easier.

    1. Easier Washing

    Hard water contains minerals in it which makes it hard for homeowners to do household chores especially in washing the clothes, the dishes and bathing. The mineral content in the hard water leaves some soap residue and dross sticking on your kitchen wares such as kettles, plates, and glasses. This is the main reason why your hair and your skin are coarse and dry. It is also the reason for the dullness and the change of colour of your clothes. When you wash the dishes, there will be no soap and residue left and it will be rinsed well if you use softened water. Softened water can help in making your clothes look good as new and you won’t have a hard time in washing it once you lather it with soft water which obviously, has the ability to get rid of any dirt present on your clothes.

    1. Long-lasting Water-using appliance

    The service lifespan of your appliance that requires the use of water such as dishwashers, washing machine, and hot water heaters will be reduced if you use hard water due to the sediments in it. The inclusive efficiency of your appliance will be reduced because of the sediment build up. Sediments usually build up at the bottom part of the appliance. When you use a water softener, the destruction in your home appliance will decrease and you won’t need to worry about the expense for a replacement of the appliance.

    1. Safer Plumbing System

    The main reason for the lime scale and sediment build-up present in the interior walls of your pipe is the hard water. If there is a continuous sediment build up in your pipes, it will lead to a partial or a complete blockage. Minerals present in the hard water gives a great possibility for corrosion to occur in your pipes. Pipes can easily wear out when there is hard water. Future clogs and plumbing issues will be reduced when the only water that is running is the softened water. Soft water can also increase the service life span of your plumbing system and their service efficiency will also be maintained.