• 5 Complications Arising from Pipe Corrosion

    Plumberrozelle Pipe Corrosion

    The presence of corrosion in our plumbing system tends to be normal. Some probably would think of it as “The Inevitable”. On the other hand, homeowners start to fret usually not because of its presence but because of the health threats, it can put up to our household. However, the two can be avoided if proper maintenance is regularly practised. In our piping system, there are several pipe problems and situations which are engendered by corrosion. Here are the following:

    Mould contamination

    Since our pipes, whether insulated or not, carry cold water, they typically create humid and moist. These precipitates to high humidity that is important for mildew and mold development. If the wet condition of your pipes continues, corrosion, especially for steel water pipes, occurs. Mould and corrosion are two threatening factors kick into some serious problem not just in our pipe system but also to our family’s health.

    Microbiologically influenced corrosion

    Varied forms of corrosion are discovered in our pipes, on the other hand, the most considered threatening form of corrosion that can emerge to your sewer pipe and your water system is microbiologically influenced corrosion. Furthermore, the level of the integrity of the pipe dwindles over time and damages your piping system subsequent to a short span of time. For particular environmental conditions, there are a lot of microbiological factors that may develop in your pipes.

    Steel type of pipes is used as a source of energy to create a sulphuric acid which further damages pipes due to corrosion. To avert this situation, maintenance, cleaning processes and a sterilisation is immensely needed. However, this doesn’t entirely eliminate corrosion, it just gradually slows down the effects that MIC can do to the pipe system. It would still persist and continue to affect more of your pipes and shortens its lifespan.

    Seamed pipes

    Specialists have found out that welded and seamed pipes are a subject of numerous pipe failures as they are defenceless to corrosion. This is considered to be one of the justifications why plumbers don’t suggest this kind of pipe for your pipe system.
    If the welding process was poorly done, it may create insufficient external and internal seams that make an area where rust and corrosion factors can easily begin to spread out. As this continues, pipe problem such leaks, cracks and holes start to occur.

    Grooved pipe failure

    In contrast to seamed pipes, a grooved pipe has some ways in earning homeowner’s trust for so many years. On the other hand, similar to other pipes, this is also vulnerable to defects and effects of corrosion. Most of the time, corrosion begins in the outer cut groove and as the corrosion condition worsens, pipes tend to create leaks or worse, it completely separates itself from the groove.

    External corrosion

    Plumbers have discovered that there are more complaints pertinent to external corrosion rather than internal corrosion. These complaints are due to unattended moistures and leaks. Furthermore, improper installation process and insulation can also be the reason of the problem. As this occurs to your pipe system, it complicates the flow of water or even impedes to function as the condition exacerbates over time. On the other hand, regular maintenance can be done to avoid this situation from happening.