• 5 Guidelines for Affordable Plumbing Solutions

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    Plumbing fixes, no matter how small or big they are, require costly repairs and sometimes, when the problem is complicated enough or if the appliance experiencing the problem is fragile, constant damage means constant hiring of a professional plumber and this entails expensive billing to the plumber. A big waste of money if you ask me since you can avoid these problems with simple and very inexpensive remedies. At this point, your plumbing system is practically hemorrhaging money.

    If you are like most homeowners that detest spending money in the plumbing system that is way beyond what is necessary, here are a few tips and hacks in keeping your expenditure during plumbing fixes minimal:

    1. Never use chemical-based products or cleaners.

    Guaranteed that the commercial chemical cleaning products for plumbing and bathroom fixtures are easier and has a lesser hassle when used over manual tools such as augers and plungers, the setback is in the effect this gives to your plumbing system. And I assure you, the effect is never a good one. In fact, the products are sure to cause more harm than good. There are chemical products that are strong enough to cause deterioration and damage to a cast iron pipe. Now, just imagine the damage it can bring to a standard PVC pipe that most residential spaces use.

    If you do use chemical cleaners, failing to completely remove the slabs will cause another batch or blockage in the future. If you, again, use chemicals to clean this up then you will surely cause your pipe to break this time.

    1. Invest in future blockage prevention fixtures.

    Pipe blockages are a nuisance that, luckily, are preventable given that you have the right types of fixtures coupled with painstaking care in maintenance and up keep of the fixture. Blockage, backups and other plumbing disasters have a tendency to lower the effectiveness and performance of your plumbing system. Make sure you have drain filters and that you watch closely what goes down the drain to prevent blockage-causing products from slipping through.

    1. Reduce the pressure.

    One sure cause of plumbing damage is the strength of your water pressure. Guaranteed that it has a nice feel to it when the water coming out of your tap and showerheads are in full blast, the strong pressure it needs to accomplish that is far too much for any pipe to handle. This leads to pipe deterioration and damage. Adjust the water pressure to 40 to 85 psi. This is the right strength of a water pressure or purchases a water pressure reducer.  

    1. Soften the water supply.

    Untreated water from the supply mains contains various types of minerals and sediments. These minerals can cause pipe damage. As they flow through the pipe, having minerals stick to the walls of the pipe is unavoidable. By softening or treating the water, you rid most of the minerals decreasing the chances for plumbing disasters.

    1. Clean out tanks and sewer lines regularly.

    As you have heard a thousand times before, maintenance is the key to avoiding costly repairs and even more expensive replacements. Make sure that you clean out your pipe by flushing it out regularly. Also, keep the sewer lines healthy by conducting proper cleaning schedules that will surely get rid of budding blockages and accumulation. Prevention is indeed better than cure for plumbing bodies.