• 5 Proverbial Go Sign to Replace your Toilets

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    A toilet bowl is one of the focal points of a bathroom. According to an experiment done by the World Toilet Organisation (WTO), a toilet is used in an average of 2,500 times. This is only a proof that the toilet is one of the most reliable fixtures and that the fixture can be used in for a very long time. However, no fixture is sturdy enough to last forever. At some point, it will need a replacement for better function. With the stress that the toilet bowl is subjected to on a daily basis, there are guaranteed instances that it will falter in providing a top notch service while, eventually, it will seize to work as it used to. It is a homeowner’s prerogative to keep track of the service year of every appliance and fixture to know the exact time that it needs to be replaced. Do not wait for drastic measures to force you to go bathroom fixture shopping.

    To know the exact timing, here are some of the tell-tale signs and proverbial go signals to look for when it is time to replace fixtures that are beyond their prime:

    1. Blockages and Overflows

    Toilets are guaranteed to last for a long time while being extremely durable. Most users think that since a toilet is durable, they can get away with flushing different types of wastes down the bowl. The opposite is actually true. Wastes, even those that are labelled sewage safe such as wipes, toilet paper, and other hygiene products, can be prime causes of blockages and eventual overflows. However, when the blockages happen to close in between, this might be a sign that your toilet has had enough and that it’s time to replace it. If you find that you have been facing blockage problems and overflows more often than you used to, it is imperative that you consult a professional plumber immediately to help you with your dilemma.

    1. Leaks

    Minor leaks are often hard to spot in a functioning bathroom. The leaks and water spilling can seep into the floor and soften the flooring. Also, the moist caused by spilled water can encourage the growth of moulds and mildew and as a result creates countless problems to the infrastructure. As you notice water running and wetness on your bathroom floor when there should be none, it is high time that you consult a plumbing professional who can assist you in eliminating the problem. Keeping a record of the leaks will save homeowners from a high-cost renovation or repair.

    1. Cracks in the Toilet Tank

    Crack can be a major cause to make your bathroom floors take on that spongy texture. The presence of cracks in your bathroom fixture may not only signify a mere crack but can also lead to flooding your bedroom and merit a major renovation need. In fact, once a toilet tank cracks, the flooring is not the only thing that will need attention. The toilet will also need immediate repair.

    1. Poor Flushing Mechanism

    Another tell-tale sign that your toilet needs replacing is when the flushing mechanism starts functioning imperfectly. The moment that the toilet is unable to properly flush down the wastes, be watchful for any problem in the tank or with the flushing mechanism in the toilet.  

    1. Odd Hissing or Clanking Sounds Coming From the Toilet Pipes

    Hissing, gurgling and other uncharacteristic sounds that come out of the toilet during a flush is considered as a sign that there is something wrong with your toilet and that it needs replacement as soon as possible before the damage spreads from the toilet and into other neighbouring fixtures that will make the repair project bigger than anticipated.