• 6 Brilliant Hacks for Plumbing Nightmares

    Plumberrozelle Blocked Drain

    Plumbing issues and problems are to be expected in every home. Some of them may come in great volumes while others are easy enough to solve through DIY. Costly repairs and rehabilitations can be avoided with the help of plumbing hacks and tips along with keeping an extensive array of plumbing tools for emergencies and arming yourself with the basic know-how in plumbing fixes. Take a look at the must-know practices in plumbing emergencies:
    1. Drain Blockage

    Do you hear a gurgling sound coming from deep inside the sink when you use the drain? Well, this may be an early sign of pipe blockage caused by varying materials such as hair tangles, leftover food, mineral build-up, grime and grease accumulation and the start of pipe deterioration. To loosen the clog, you may use a plunger or an auger to manually take out the blockage. You can also create a mixture of vinegar and baking soda as a normal solution. This concoction is proven to loosen the clog for easy flushing with boiling water. Try not to use chemical cleaners for the safety of your pipe.
    2. Dripping Tap

    A dripping tap will increase your water bill exponentially if it is left unattended for long. When you have a drip in your tap, make sure that the washers and valves of your unit are not damaged. When choosing a tap for your home, put into consideration the quality of the unit. Make sure that you choose one that is durable, sturdy, is approved by plumbing professionals and make sure to consider the pricing.
    3. Low Water Pressure

    Low water pressure is when there is only a tinkling of water running out of your tap or any water source fixture. Often, this is caused by aerators being blocked. To remedy this, dismantle the aerator and clean out rust, particles and debris. You can also replace this if the damage is far too extensive for a normal simple clean up. Try to check the PRV for adjustments or if the unit is completely broken.
    4. Running Toilet

    When more effort is required in order to get thorough flush in your toilet, then this may be a sign for an inevitable replacement in the bathroom fixture. Also, when you encounter a running toilet, this indicates that the mechanisms inside your water tank are having a few problems. In order to determine the exact problem of your tank, make sure to contact a plumbing technician and refer the problem.
    5. Shower Head Clog

    Drains are not the only things that experience clogs. Even showerheads may occasionally suffer from blockages and these are almost always caused by mineral build-up. To clear out the blockage, use a toothbrush dipped in warm vinegar and brush off existing mineral accumulations that are in the waterways of the showerhead. After this, make sure to wash the fixture thoroughly to avoid water smelling like vinegar as you wash.
    6. Pipe Leakage

    Pipe leakage can cause water pooling under the pipe. At the first sight of a leakage, proceed to shut off the supply valve and patch up the leak using a Teflon tape or a plumber’s putty. Remember that the two methods are temporary fixes. You will still have to call for plumbing professionals for better and permanent solutions.