• 6 Common D-I-Y Plumbing Tools

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    When there are unexpected plumbing emergencies at home,  think and try to assess if the issue can be repaired by yourself. Also, this action would be a smart idea since you will avert from paying hourly repair fees. Furthermore, if you’re confident that you can handle the issue, try to analyze and think about the tools that you have to utilize. Typically, the following are the common tools you need.


    1. Full-length protective garment

    It’s inevitable that you’ll experience minor plumbing issues within your household. If you’re the only one in the house and even if you don’t have an experience in this field, you’re still mandated to fix it when an emergency arises. On the other hand, in every operation, your clothes cannot protect yours from contact with chemical substances that may damage your skin. That’s why it’s important to invest on a protective garment that prioritizes your skin from chemicals. In that way, you can concentrate on the issue and not on the harmful substances that may stick to your body parts.

    1. Tape measure

    Aside from construction operations, a tape measure can also be used in plumbing as well. This can be useful when trying to get the exact measurement of your pipe, for instance, before purchasing and installing them in your pipeline. With that being said, it will avoid you from spending on the excess. Also, a tape measure can be utilized in fitting, pipe diameter, and fittings.

    1. Plunger

    plungers are designed to be utilized in different situations. In every household, homeowners should have at least two plungers, one for the toilet and one for the kitchen sink. However, the common mistake people do is that they typically use the plunger for kitchen sinks in removing obstructions in the toilet. Avoid doing this for plungers have their different shapes and features that could only fix a certain issue. Also, avoid using one kind of plunger for two or more different problems.

    1. Wrench

    Since fasteners are impossible to be fastened with the help of our bare hands. We wouldn’t be able to get or attach nuts connects and nuts that could be found behind our sinks. On the other hand, because of our plumbing wrench, we are able to do the impossible at the same time, securing that our sinks are completely fastened.

    1. Hacksaw

    It would be easy to use hacksaw when you try to cut hard materials such as nuts, plastic pipes, screws and metal pipes. This essential tool can be in various sizes intended for either easy or complex repair. It’s best to have small and large sizes that you use in different situations.

    1. Pipe cutter

    Similar to hacksaw, pipe cutters are used to cut materials. On the other hand, this tool cuts access pipes. There are instances that the pipes you buy in your local stores don’t always have the similar measurement to the size that you wanted, thus, the excess needs to be cut. Aside from being fast and convenient, pipe cutters will give you a clean output.