• Basic Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters


    “Prevention is better than cure.” – Desiderius Erasmus

    You might think that this proverb is already overused and belittled but it is still better to put an action to a problem before it can happen than to solve it afterward. Preventing a problem can help you ward off a possible ordeal. These are some helpful tips for you to avoid plumbing crisis and incessant bills. You don’t even know, but this can save you a whole lot of trouble.

    • Clogged Drains.

    The most common dilemma a household can experience is a clogged drain. Be it a sink drain, a tub/shower drain, or a washing machine drain. Name any drain you can think of, they still have the same slimy, greasy particles lying about.

      • 1.

    Kitchen Sinks. Avoid pouring down the drain the cooking grease/oil

      as much as possible. It cools down and hardens as it travels down the drain that usually leads to clogged drains. You have an empty milk carton lying around there somewhere, put it to good use. If you accidentally spilled some, use hot water to wash out the grease.
      • 2.

    Bathroom Drains

      • (shower, tubs, sinks). The usual culprits are hair and soap residues. A house with a woman living in is usually the ones facing this kind of problem. It is important to

    use strainers

      • and to

    immediately remove any build-up forming

      to keep the drain from clogging.
      • 3.

    Washing Machines.

      • The only things going down the drain should be water – dirty water and soap residues. To prevent coins and small toys and other pocket-sized things to block the drainage of your machine, scrutinize every crook and cranny of the clothes you’re going to put in there.

    Check every pocket and every seam

      for any things that can either clog your drain or destroy your washing machine. Always remember to dispose of your rubbish properly.

    • Leaky Taps.

    Plop, plop, plop. Do you hear that? Yes, that’s the annoying sound of your tap leaking. To prevent this sleep-depriving sound, check out your taps and look for any indication of why your tap is crying – err, leaking. If you want your taps to last longer than it should, try to refrain from venting out your anger on the handles. Forcefully cranking the tap handles and tightening it more than it is needed wears the handles down faster. Remember, take out your anger on some other things, just not on the tap handles. They can’t fight you back.

    These are only the most common problems that occasionally occur in households. If you have discovered the minor ones, make sure to always remedy it immediately. A few good old tricks can help a lot. Some of the solutions are even just in front of your eyes or scattered around the house.