• How to Make your Bathroom Safer

    Thousands of people of getting injured in their bathroom every year. It can be hazardous for anyone who uses restrooms due to the chance of slipping, fixture detects, and much more. You may have already added safety features in your own lavatory, but you can always be more secure. This article will help you learn how to make your bathroom safer.

    Non-Slippery Floor Mats

    The most common cause of injury in the bathroom is slipping, which is why this is the first that will be tackled in this article. If the floors are glossy and slippery, you can take simple but effective precautions like placing a floor mat. However, you shouldn’t just put any floor covering. There are basic rugs and mats that don’t have much traction and can even be the cause of slipping. Therefore you should use non-slippery mats to add a stable friction on the floor surface.

    Grips and Grab Bars

    Even with a non-slippery mat, there is still a possibility that you may fall. Add another safety measure which is grip-and-grab bars. Grips can be placed near bathtubs for an easier exit when standing up. Grab bars are proven to be effective in avoiding falls or lowering the impact damage when falling. These safety features are very helpful to the elderly who have trouble maintaining their balance. For those who are conscious with aesthetics, there are grab bars that can be customised to match the design motif of your bathroom.

    Be Careful with Water Heating from Fixtures

    You shouldn’t just focus on the safety features inside your bathroom; there are other things that indirectly injure you, such as water heaters. For those of you who frequently have hot showers, this is something you should take note; setting the water heater above 120 degrees can cause burns to your skin. It’s even more dangerous for those who have sensitive skin or children. Even if your water heater can reach up to 140 degrees, it’s best not to go over the 120 thresholds.

    You should also consider installing motion sensor faucets as the water temperature is set in harmless degree. Basically, the faucet’s hot water won’t be able to cause burns as its standardized for safe usage. Another benefit of having a motion sensor is that it’s less likely to have an overflow problem.

    Distress Signals

    If you want to have even a safer bathroom, install a waterproof phone or an SOS button. The purpose of these devices is so that anyone easily calls for help if they accidents happen. This can be very beneficial for those who have houses that have large room gaps and people who have trouble communicating due to disabilities.

    Proper Lighting

    Proper lighting should be something you shouldn’t ignore. The room must have adequate lighting during the day with natural light. During night-time, the bulbs should illuminate the bathroom well. Don’t settle for cheap and dim lighting. It’s best to install LED bulbs as it maintains bright lights while still being energy-efficient.