• Plumbing Inspections that Should be Done When Buying a New House

    When you plan to purchase a new house, you will always need to inspect and learn everything of your possible new home. Certain things like the history, structure, and overall appeal of the house are first few things that always come to mind when investigating a house. One of the most important factors that you should consider when checking out a house is the plumbing system. Here are a few plumbing inspection tips that you need to do.

    Check for Leaks

    You must be meticulous when examining the plumbing system. Check the all the faucets in the premises if it has dripping problems. A faucet that drips non-stop is an obvious sign that there is a leak within the house’s plumbing structure. You may consider dripping faucets as just a mild nuisance, but it can actually cause your water utility bills to soar. Not to mention it’s a waste of water. It’s not just the faucets that you need to be wary, but the shower head as well. Inspecting the inner and more complex pipe system for leaks can be difficult for you. In this particular case, the expertise of a master plumber is needed.

    Confirm if there is a sump pump and if it’s up-and-running

    Don’t forget to examine the basement for any leaks, and if there is any sump pump installed in the house. For those who have no idea what a sump pump is, it’s a plumbing device that clears the basement water in the event of floods. A lot of home buyers tend to forget these pertinent plumbing devices since they’re often busy examining the other parts of the house. Even if there is a sump pump present in the house, you need to ask the seller if it’s fully operational. It’s also important to inquire if it has any backup battery installed.

    Ask about the pipes system

    Houses that were built before 1986 tend to have galvanized or lead pipes in the plumbing system. The problem with these pipes is that it has already been corroded by now unless the previous owner decided to replace it with new and improved versions. Because some houses are heavily renovated, it can be tough to determine if the house is indeed old. You really need to ask the owner about the history of the house as well as its pipe components. If you like the house but have some issues with the galvanized pipes, you can just replace it with PVC pipes if you’re willing to spend extra cash.

    Ask Questions about the Water Heater

    Typical water heaters last between ten to twelve years. Ask the owner about the age of the water heater so that you will be able to determine if you need a new one or not. Apart from the age, the size of the tank should also be taken into consideration. It could be that the water heater’s capacity is too small for your large family. Of course, you also need to know if there are any leaks and if the heating system can still produce adequate warm water. Hire a plumber or water heater specialist to have a better and detailed assessment of the functionality of the appliance.