• How to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies when You’re Out of Town

    Plumberrozelle Turn off the water heater

    After getting tired of the monotonous routine of your life, you finally decided go on a well-earned vacation. But before you get way too excited to go out of town, be sure to thoroughly secure your entire house and do other necessary preparations. Don’t forget to check the plumbing system and ensure that there won’t be any issues without your presence. Here are some of the tips to prevent plumbing emergencies from happening when you’re out of town.

    Close the main valve of your water system

    Possible pipe bursts or leaks might happen during your absence, which is one of the most awful scenarios that could play out. The best way to avert this plumbing disaster is by entirely closing the main shut off valve in your house. Realistically, there is still a threat of bursts and leaks, but the damage can be reduced since there won’t be an infinite water flow due to the closed main valve. Additionally, you can drain out the water from the plumbing fixtures after shutting down the valve to make sure there is little to no water in the plumbing lines.

    Turn off the water heater

    There’s no point in letting your water heater consume energy to heat water that you won’t be using for a long time so you might as well as turn it off completely when you’re about to leave for your vacation. It’s not just a waste of fuel sources but also a waste of money. Now that we’re already talking about the water heater, let’s also discuss some of the things that you should check on it. Examine the water heater if there are any leaks present. One of the clear signs that there is a water leakage in your tank is when water puddles are forming around it.

    Let a plumber inspect the entire plumbing system

    If you think you have missed a few areas or key points in the plumbing system of the house or just want to have second opinion then get help from a plumber. They’ll be able to do a complete search for any problems in the plumbing system of your entire household such as leaks, broken pipes, malfunctioning fixtures, etc. It’s advisable to hire licensed and reputable plumbers even though they’re more expensive since they will definitely conduct honest and satisfactory work.

    Make sure there aren’t any clogs in your drains

    Drains are one of the few important areas in your house that must be intensively cleaned, especially if you’ll be leaving for quite some time. The clogs that are left for a long time will produce foul odour, especially in the kitchen sink where there is a lot of food waste. Apart from the smell, there’s also a high chance of drain flies reproducing in the kitchen sink. These flies breed in the wastes that are stuck in the drains. Unless you want to arrive at your home with a stinky drain and insects flying all over the place, you really need to cleanse and clear out your drain.