• 3 Common Types of Water Heater System


    When you want to purchase a new water heater for your home, you wish to find a water heater that does not just do its function but also could make you save money. Saving money includes knowing the common types of water heater available in the market. Also, you have to know the size and required energy to fuel your system. You have to know if it runs either on propane, electricity, or gas. To give you more about it, here are the 3 common types of water heater system:

    Storage Water Heater

    This is the most popular type of water heating system for a household. This heater offers about 20-80 gallons of hot water and has a separate insulated tank.The insulated tank is the tank where the water is heated and stored. Usually, this tank is powered by electricity, natural gas models, and liquid propane. The main advantage of using liquid propane and natural gas is that it is less expensive and it only uses less electricity. However, this type of heater produces heat loss since the water is continually heated inside the tank. This indicates that energy is wasted even when you are not using your tap for hot water.

    Tank less Water Heater

    This type of heater is also known as Instantaneous Water Heater. Unlike the storage water heater that creates energy loss, this tank only provides hot water when it is needed. Water is heated either using electric element or a gas burner. Since it is tank less, waiting is not essential if you want to use it because it produces hot water right away. To fill it up, the cold water will enter the unit when the tap is turned on.

    Solar Hot Water Heater

    This type of heater uses unlimited energy from the sun. There are two known types of solar hot water systems sold in the market, the following are Active Solar Hot Water Heater System and Passive Hot Water Heater System. The difference between the two is that the active system has controls and circulating pumps while the passive system does have neither pumps nor controls. The main reason why people use this type of heater is that solar water heater reduces about 80% of their electric bills.