• 3 Easy Ways You Can Minimize Your Water Heater Energy Costs

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    Regardless of what type of water heater you use or what type of energy fuel you use to run your heating system, you won’t be able to reduce the energy usage and fuel costs if you’re unable to do anything that will help lessen the water and energy consumption of your water heater as well as some plumbing fixtures. Don’t worry if you don’t how to do it, we provided some ways you can minimise your water heater energy costs below.

    1. Use less hot water as possible

    It’s obvious that the more hot water you use then the more your water heater will use more energy to provide more hot water for you. You can lower the energy used by your heating system by simply lowering the consumption of hot water in your household. There are many activities and plumbing fixtures that use hot water but it’s the bath and shower that consumes the most. Reducing your shower time can definitely lower the consumed energy of your water heater. Also, if you’re fond of hot water baths then you really need to cleanse your body with less water-consuming methods. If you’re doing your laundry, use cold water instead of warm water ―— unless your clothes need to be specifically washed with hot water. Of course, you have the standard water conservation tip which is to turn off any plumbing appliances that you’re not using.

    1. Install a water heater that’s energy-efficient

    There are a lot of water heaters nowadays that are very efficient with its energy usage, making your monthly expenses of using a water heater less costly. The popular types of water heater that are considered to be highly energy efficient include solar water heaters, tankless, and space heating systems. Perhaps the most popular among the mentioned heating systems is tankless since it does have a lot of benefits besides being cost effective such as being a space-saver, not maintenance extensive, safe, and much more. Just keep in mind that tankless water heaters are not the best heating system out there since it tends to have a low capacity and is unable to provide hot water if your household tends to use hot water at the same time. Ask help from your local plumber or trusted water heating provider for advice on which energy efficient water heater will be suitable for your household and number of people who will be using hot water in your home.

    1. Lower the temperature of your water heater to 322 K

    For those who are currently using standard water heaters, you may want to lower the temperature to 322 K since these types of water heater tend to consume energy 24/7. If you go above 322K, your water heater will obviously consume more energy, and will possibly overheat if you set it up in extremely high temperatures. Also, for those who think that they can save more money by lowering the thermostat below 322k, we highly advise against that. It’s because bacteria and other dangerous pathogens can live and spread if the water temperature in your water heater tank will go below 322K.