• 5 Brief Explanations of Common Hot Water Problems

    Plumberrozelle Hot Water Problems

    Because water heaters quietly do their job in a single corner of a home, most homeowners do not constantly pay attention to their maintenance and inspections until they suddenly experience failure and troubles. When water heater system fails, you may notice some of the red flags of its failures or you might be surprised of your house completely blown up because of your system’s explosion. That is why every homeowner is expected to give little yet constant time in maintaining and inspecting the system to avoid or at least lessen the possibility of their failure. Be alert for the common red flags and give early remedies to the common reasons of water heater failure. Here are the leading explanations of water heater troubles.

    Gas leaks

    Leaks might be caused by corrosion, lack of maintenance or the system’s old age. Yet even if your system is new and efficient, it might still experience failures. That is why timely inspection is suggested to immediately notice signs of water heater failures. Even with the little time you give to your system, you are unconscious that you are already saving your system from the possible destruction caused by lack of maintenance and retaining the efficiency of your system.

    When you utilize gas-powered water heaters, valve leaks may cause the escape of gases and may spread all over your home. It can easily ignite with a nearby fire and might burn your house down or cause an unexpected explosion.

    Temperature and pressure relief valve failure

    When the water heating process is undergoing in your water heater system, the pressure inside it continue to build-up and requiring more space for accumulation. The temperature and pressure relief valve release the pressure to avoid an explosion. This mechanism should manipulate as quickly as possible to avoid too much pressure build up within the system that is too much for the system to contain and may that may cause a blast and explosion that would not only destroy your system but would possibly include your home as well.

    Sometimes, even when your pressure relief valve is functioning efficiently but your pressure relief lines intended for pressure passage are blocked, it will still cause an explosion within your system. By then, the pressure will still be trapped within the system that would cause the unexpected explosion. Maintenance and constant monitoring should be done to guarantee the efficiency of your mechanism.

    Interior corrosion

    When your water tank walls are corroded due to chemical reactions or old age, your system is definitely weaker. It lessens the capability of your water heater and would easily give up even when the pressure is still very low. It would be harder to solve and all you can do is replace the tank with a new one.

    Sediment build-up

    Sediment build-ups are the main causes of the metallic smell and the cloudy appearance of the domestic hot water. This would increase the energy consumption of your water heater system to raise the temperature of the water it contains and to reach the enough amount of the demanded hot water.

    Lack of monitoring and inspection

    Sometimes, water heater system fails because of the homeowner’s lack of maintenance. When you don’t inspect and monitor your system, you will never notice early signs of water heater failure causing your system to totally fail and possibly explode.