• 6 Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

    Thinking about setting up a water heating system that saves energy for your home? The kind of energy sources you are using and the size of your household will be very helpful in choosing the best system to meet your hot water requirements. There is a wide range of available hot water systems in your area such as heat pump water heating, electric hot water cylinders, wetback, solar water heating, gas continuous flow systems, and gas hot water cylinder. Know each one of them:

    Heat Pump Water Heating

    Heat pumps systems use electric energy in transferring heat, which makes the systems more efficient when compared to gas and electric water heaters. Some of these systems can take advantage of night rate electricity in your area. Some of them can provide central heating as they pump warm water from hot water tank. The actual efficiency they produce depends on the materials they are made of, the average temperature in your area, the location of the compressor unit and the quality of their installation.

    Electric Hot Water Cylinders

    Of all the water heating systems, electric hot water cylinders are the cheapest in terms of upfront cost. The cylinders use insulated tank electric element to heat water to a thermostat-set temperature. These systems can be purchased with extra connections for a heat pump water heater, wetback or solar water heater in the future. You can switch them to night rate electricity tariff, thus cutting your hot water bill.


    Wetbacks serve as a supplement to hot water systems reducing the costs of your hot water heating consumption. They are composed of pipes where the hot water from your cylinder is circulated. They are environmental friendly considering wood as a renewable source of energy. Also, it is advisable to check the kind of wetbacks allowed in your area as some local authorities set clean air requirements.

    Solar Water Heating Systems

    This type of water heating system uses solar energy to heat the water stored in your insulated water tank. It absorbs solar energy stored in your cylinder. You can even use a booster system to heat the water at your desired temperature. 50%-75% of your water requirement will be provided by the system.

    Gas Continuous Hot Water Systems

    These systems heat the water at your desired temperature and requirement. They offer you limitless hot water and give enough space in your house when the cylinder is removed. Their digital controllers select specific water temperature. They are able to run on LPG or natural gas and ensure continuous hot water supply during electric power cuts.

    Gas Hot Water Cylinders

    When you opt to install gas hot water cylinders, rest assured that it would not require electricity. The cylinders heat the water and supply you hot water even without electricity. Like gas continuous water systems, they can run on LPG and natural gas. They also have higher heat losses over the electric hot water cylinders.

    Make use of the information gained above whenever you have decided to have a hot water system installed for your home. Consulting an expert on these systems may be the best option for you as well.