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    Hot water heater problems should never be handled on your own. Instead, call on the assistance of the Plumbing professionals right away through 0488 886 343.

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    Chatting With a Hot Water Repairman

    Lindy turned the hot water tap on in the kitchen….only a steady stream of cold water flowed out. She groaned in frustration. After spending the day in the garden pulling out prickly weeds and batting away little red back spiders, all she wanted to do was at least wash her hands in nice warm water. A steamy shower would also be nice too … she rifled around in her business card draw, hunting out the call card of a recommended local Plumber. She finally found it and dialed the number, eager to get him there as soon as possible.

    The Plumber was able to get to her house in Rozelle that afternoon, much to Lindy’s relief. He inspected the hot water system and soon came back to her with the problem. The Element had failed and needed to be replaced. Relieved that it wasn’t the whole tank, Lindy approved the repairs so he could go ahead and return her hot water. The contractor first isolated the water and then the electrical components to the tank. Once he’d tested the tank to make sure it was properly disconnected he drained the tank so he could access the faulty element. With a bit of muscle, he got the old element out and installed the new one, connecting it with a new flange and tightening it all up. Satisfied that this had been done correctly, he then reconnected the water supply, filling up the tank so he could test and ensure it was still okay. When that test proved positive, he reconnected the electricity to make sure the new element wouldn’t blow in the tank. With that workign perfectly our plumbing hero was satisfied. He tidied up his work site and packed away his tools, happy that the water would now heat again.

    If you require the expertise of a qualified Plumber to repair your hot water system, look no further than your local Plumber in Rozelle. With experience repairing hot water problems and replacing both gas and electric tanks, contact us now on 0488 886 343!

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