• How to Choose the Best Type of Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless water heaters are truly a great innovation in heating systems. With all its features and practical application, it’s no wonder that this water heater is growing in popularity. It has a lot of benefits for the homeowner, one of which is that it saves a lot of energy and thus, decreasing utility bills. Apart from the money-saving perk, tankless water heaters also last a long period of time. On average, it’s expected to be fully functional for 20 years. Its parts can be easily replaced, unlike standard water heater tanks. You also don’t have to worry about corrosion because it doesn’t have any tanks.

    Despite the practical advantages, it does have a few hiccups for some homeowners. There are cases when the water heating system is not suitable for the plumbing system of the house, which in turn, causes the heater to produce insufficient hot water. Apart from the equipment being expensive, the installation fees are also staggering. But considering the long-term benefits of this heating system, it’s definitely a great option. If you do consider buying one, you should check out the tips below on how to choose the best type of tankless water heaters!

    Propane or Natural Gas Types
    If you can easily purchase propane or natural gas in your area then you might want to consider using this type of tankless system. However, you need to be aware that the equipment should have access to exterior vents. The gas pipe lining should also be sufficient. The major benefit of this type is that it can create astounding gallons per minute (GPM). It’s important to know that even with gas as its fuel, this tankless system still needs electricity to function. The voltage requirements also need to be noted and the possibility to add an additional circuit breaker.

    Electric Type
    First of all, the electrical system and linings of your house must have ample electric current and volts. There should be a preliminary check-up if the voltage requirements are met. The small-scale electric water heaters are best suited for half baths. In the end, choosing between electric or gas will depend on the compatibility of the system with the setup of your house such as the space required, long-run utility rates, etc.

    Extra Tips
    Aside from the type, you also need to be aware of some useful extra features of the water heater. Opt for systems that have sensors that will immediately shut down the water heating system once it overheats. It’s also a good idea to invest in carbon monoxide detectors.
    The GPM of the tankless water heater should be enough to supplement the needs of your household. Some homeowners complain that the water heater doesn’t provide hot water. This is because the electric and plumbing system of the house isn’t capable of meeting the necessary requirements and setup for the tankless water heater to function properly.