• The Pros and Cons of Geothermal Heating Systems

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    With the increasing number of Australians striving for sustainable lifestyle, more and more alternative energy sources started to become notable to the day-to-day living of homeowners. Geothermal heating is now making its name in most parts of the country. This heating system directly uses natural heat that is within the Earth then produce heating applications. A fluid-filled pipe is placed into the ground so that the heat from the earth absorbs the heat. The hot water runs through forced air ventilation system that is installed on the floor, ceilings or walls of your home.

    What geothermal heating can do to your household? Take a look at the system’s advantages and disadvantages.

    The Advantages of Geothermal Heating

    • Geothermal heating is eco-friendly. Take into consideration the merit of using renewable energy, which also serves as a motivation for geothermal energy proponents.
    • Geothermal heating can be installed for efficient function. This system has the capability to attain high efficiencies since geothermal heat pumps utilize the earth’s constant temperature. This approach is also efficient even on the coldest temperature of the winter nights.
    • Geothermal heating supplies energy abundantly. Practically, there is boundless supply of energy in this system. It is also free from any kind of hassle.
    • Geothermal heating is durable and only requires low maintenance. This system can actually last from 20-25 years. It should be maintained on a regular basis and its filters or ducts should be always clean so that its longevity will be preserved.
    • Geothermal heating provides homeowners with significant savings. There is an increasing number of homeowners who are interested in using geothermal energy for cooling and heating purposes.

    The Disadvantages of Geothermal Heating

    • The installation of geothermal heating can be very expensive. You may ask any plumbing service provider in your area for the estimates of setting up a residential system in your house.
    • Geothermal heating system installation can be highly destructive. The procedure requires digging equipment and heavy drilling and may not be applicable to some properties.
    • Geothermal heating systems come with environmental drawbacks. There are factors that prevent sustainable energy from being positive to the environment although its use remains the primary feature of geothermal heating. Its use of copper piping is necessary in liquid circulation. These pipes can result in corrosion over time and may lead to fluid flow. Mistakes in this heating process may also arise, making it difficult for the energy source to get through you efficiently.
    • Geothermal heating may also run out of steam in your system. Extra care is a must when checking everything that is associated with geothermal energy use. The heat it produces should be properly observed as it may cause meltdown or any other issues when energy is not efficiently used or distributed.
    • Geothermal energy is recognised as a renewable energy source that produces heating benefits to your plumbing system as long as the earth still exists. The advantages and disadvantages of this heating system may help you decide whether to choose it for your system or prefer other systems.