• The Pros and Cons of Installing an Expansion Tank in Hot Water Systems

    Why do you have to install an expansion tank in your hot water system? Thermal expansion occurs in the water heaters of every household since water expands when heated. However, contamination can happen in the plumbing system at an unprecedented time, contaminating the public water supply. Water pressure then rapidly builds in your house when water is heated unless there is expansion in your system. This is where the installation of expansion tank becomes imperative.

    What are expansion tanks?

    Expansion tanks are specifically developed to adjust the changing supply of the hot water system. Usually, these kinds of tanks are smaller when compared to the typical hot water heaters. They have the capability to hold as much as 2 gallons of hot water. Many plumbing professionals and house builders these days recommend homeowners to fit these tanks when constructing their new house.

    What are the advantages of expansion tanks?

    Expansion tanks are made for the relief of your hot water system’s high water pressure, which can result in intensified build-up which may lead them to an explosion. The tanks are beneficial in removing or in lowering the pressure to prevent it from serious build-up. They are used in preventing water leaks from the hot water heater. The water within your piping system starts to expand as the heater turns on. The expanding water may produce too much air pressure on your heater and may eventually fail. Thanks to the expansion tank, the expanding water is being led towards the tank. The rubber bladder of the tank holds water until needed. The hot water is eventually drawn from the system through a faucet and the extra water is released from the expansion tank into your piping system. Proper positioning of the expansion tank is necessary so that the hot water tank pressure will be relieved. Make sure that the tank is placed not too far from the pipes leading to your system.

    What are the disadvantages of expansion tanks?

    There are instances when expansion tanks are fitted in replacement of the pressure relief valve located in the hot water system tank. Note that the absence of this valve will keep the pressure from building in the tank until it becomes a total failure. Poor installation is determined as one of the major disadvantages of these tanks. Oftentimes, the tanks are not positioned high enough, restricting the proper draining of the water. Ensure that all the parts of your expansion tank are properly installed and that directions are carefully followed to avoid future risks. Check the correct setup of their sensors and gauges for local community standard balance. Remember, the tanks may also encounter problems in terms of their excess water, condensation and valves. Proper water pressure settings help keep valves from functioning too hard and from early damages.

    It is always good to learn the pros and cons of expansion tank before installing it in your hot water system. Knowing its importance in your system is definitely necessary to make sure it performs at its best.