• Why You Must Insulate Your Water Heater

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    Some people can’t live without a trusty water heater. It’s integral for homeowners who live in places that have long seasons of winter to have a water heating system to keep their baths warm and among other purposes. There are many ways you can do water heater upkeep to ensure the efficiency of the system and make it last for a long time. One of the methods that keep it in good condition is by insulating the unit and its components. If you’re having second thoughts then perhaps the reasons below will convince you why you must insulate your water heating system.

    It keeps the water heater from freezing

    If you live in an area that experiences long harsh winter seasons then you should really consider insulating not only your water heater but your whole plumbing system. By insulating your water heater, you will prevent it from freezing and damage. Frozen water heaters also have little to no water flow so you won’t have hot water flowing through your plumbing system either. Not only that, the plumbing system and pipes that are connected to the water heating system might be frozen and bursts ―— causing a lot of water damage to your house.

    It can save energy

    Your water heater can actually lose a lot of energy and heat due to its standby process. Some water heating systems also heat water due to the cold surfaces of the components and pipes. By insulating the water heating system; you will reduce the loss of energy from the standby heat. This is because insulating a heating system traps the heat into the water heater and stops further heat loss from its components.

    Considering other factors

    Actually, a lot of modern day water heaters already have a built-in insulation system so you really don’t have to worry about insulation if you have a brand new unit or even a unit that was bought a few years ago. However, if it is an old model then you really need to insulate it. For those who have water heaters that are beyond its intended lifespan then it’s better if you actually purchase an energy-efficient model since it’s more beneficial for you in the long run.

    Insulating your water heating system

    There are many ways you can insulate your water heater but the most popular method is by sticking insulation blankets. It’s important to securely stick the insulation blanket on the heating components as well as the plumbing system. There are parts of your water heater that mustn’t be covered like the temperature relief valve since this is where the water will disperse in case the storage tank overheats. Heating elements should not be insulated since this will cause overheating and damage. If you’re not sure what you’re doing; seek assistance from a qualified plumber to have an effective and efficient insulating system for your water heater. They will also give more crucial tips on how to properly insulate the pipes and plumbing system of your home.