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    How can pipe relining save you money? One of the common problems among households in Australia is blocked drains involving roots that have grown inside earthenware pipes. These pipes are made of clay and have been used until the early 1980s. If you live in a house built during that time, there is a higher chance you could be or have been experiencing root intrusion problems. Here are some of the signs of a clogged sewer line:

    • The water level in your toilet tends to rise slowly most of the time.
    • The relief gully, a drain-like fitting designed to release overflow in your sewage system away from your home, is overflowing.
    • It takes some time for your bathroom and kitchen sinks to drain.
    • There is unpleasant smell inside and outside your home.
    • There is a gurgling sound whenever you flush the toilet.

    The presence of trees within or near your property puts your home at high risk for root intrusion. Remember, roots need moisture to thrive. So, if your old earthenware pipes incur breaks, cracks or weakened joints, it can attract the roots from growing inside your sewer system. Over time, these roots can grow bigger and bigger, endangering your pipes from collapsing.

    In the olden days, a machine referred to as an “electric eel” is used to solve the problem of root intrusion. However, such method is just temporary. As time passes, roots that have grown deep into a home’s piping system grow bigger and thicker, causing severe damage to earthenware pipes. As a result, a replacement may be necessary, which is not only costly, but also quite disruptive. This is because replacing an entire pipeline requires deep excavation, which could mean digging an entire yard along with a property’s paved areas, like patios and driveways.

    Nowadays, homeowners with sewer problems can opt for a newer and better solution called pipe relining.

    Pipe relining is a trenchless method of rehabilitating damage pipes. It is better than the traditional way because it is less disruptive and less costly. If you are to look for a plumber that offers this service, hire one that uses the inversion method of CIPP or Cured-in-Place Pipe lining. CIPP is an approved and preferred method of fixing pipe problems because it does not necessarily need deep excavation. This technique is suitable for situations involving the following:

    ► Tree roots growing inside pipes has become a recurring problem

    ► Drain pipes are located underneath the household

    ► Sewer system runs from the house to the streets before it connects to the main line

    ► Pipe system has cracks, bents, breaks or misaligned

    Stages of Pipe Relining

    Preparing the Damaged Pipe

    The sewer system is inspected using a drain camera to determine its condition. Then the damaged pipe is thoroughly cleaned and rid of roots using a hydro-jet cleaning system. This ensures that the lining material will properly bond with the interior of the pipe.

    what pipe relining looks likeInstalling the Lining Material

    The damaged pipe is coated with a thermosetting resin mixture using an inverter. Then, air pressure is applied on the affected section of the sewer to bond the lining material to the host pipe properly. This is called inversion.

    The resin mixture inserted into the pipe is allowed to cure for a couple of hours, which will form a new pipe. This strengthens the integrity of the piping system, making it more durable.

    Re-Inspecting the Pipe Lining Work

    The drain camera will be inserted into the pipe again to make sure that the relining work is a success.

    Get rid of root intrusion problems with pipe relining. For more information about this method call Plumber Rozelle now on 0488 886 343.

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