• 10 Evidence of a Damaged Sewer Pipe

    damaged sewer pipe

    You probably might be unaware of the odd and awful things that are happening in your house. These things might be an evidence that your sewer pipe is damaged. Some pieces of evidence might be normal to you which won’t make you think that sanitary sewer is broken. For you to know, here are some evidence of a damaged sewer pipe.

    Sewage Back-ups and Blockages.

    Sanitary sewer back-ups typically happen in the lowest open drain. This is due to a blockage in the line. The problem could probably be in your main sewer if you experience backup the moment you flush or run water into your drain.

    Sewer Gas Odour.

    This is obviously one evidence that something is wrong in your sewer pipe. A sanitary sewer must be airtight which won’t allow you to inhale foul sewer odour. Once you smell sewer gas in around your property, then there must be a crack in your sewer lines.

    Mould Problem.

    Mould growth behind your walls could be a sign of damaged sewer pipe. Mould problem begins once there are cracks in your sewer pipe since it can elevate its humidity level.

    Slow Drain.

    A slow drain could also be a symptom of a broken sewer pipe. Something must have blocked the pipe which causes drains to drain slowly. When a slow drain is ignored over time, it will sooner or later turn into a sewage backup. This issue might be due to cracks, leaks, blockages or root intrusion.

    Extra Green and Lush Patches in Grass.

    Patches in grass might be one of the signs of having a damaged sewer pipe. This is possibly due to a sewage leak underground. Sewage also functions as a fertiliser for vegetation. With this, leaks coming from your main line to the surrounding soil will give extra nutrients to the surrounding grass which can lead to an extra green and lush look.

    Indentation in Lawn or Under Pavers.

    This is also one tell-tale symptom that something is going on down your sewer pipe. Soil have a higher chance to dissipate once a cracked sewer line routinely saturates the ground. As a result, your lawn could develop an indentation.

    Foundation Cracks, Settlements and Sink-holes.

    This is probably one of the worst symptoms of a damaged sewer pipe. Ignored leaks in your main pipes could cause your foundation to develop problems such as cracks.

    Septic Waste Pooling in Yard.

    Septic waste pooling in the yard might be due to a damaged septic tank, cracked main line or a clogged drain fields. This issue usually occurs in areas located under the pool of sewer water.

    Rodent Problem.

    Rodents are also considered as a sign of broken sewer lines. Rats typically live in sewers where they freely run in lines behind your walls. They are the ones responsible for spreading life-threatening diseases. Once there are cracks or openings in your sanitary sewer, they would attentively make their way out and would visit your house especially in the kitchen without your permission.

    Insect Infestation.

    Just like the rodents, insects can also be an evidence that you have a damaged sewer pipe. Insects are smaller in terms of size compared to rats. They won’t be having a hard time in entering cracks in your sanitary sewer.