• 2 Alternative Solutions to Sewer Pipe Problems

    plumberrozelle checking pipes

    There are approximately two things you can do to prevent much damage to your sewer lines and supply mains. The need to always be on top of whatever issue your plumbing system is currently experiencing will always boil down to the fact that everything is connected in a complex and coexisting system. So, whatever happens to one fixture, it will directly influence and affect the rest of the plumbing body. To keep the plumbing system in a completely perfect condition, here are 2 tips you might want to observe and perhaps want to incorporate in your plumbing maintenance routine:

    Tip #1: Check Occasionally and Diagnose the Condition of your Pipes

    Doing occasional clean-up will ensure that you know exactly what is happening in your plumbing pipes and that if ever there are minor issues and damages, you already have prior knowledge to what is happening and, therefore, you can administer temporary solutions or be prepared if the matter takes the worst turn.

    Start by doing the basic drain cleaning method. This is done by completely draining the pipes of its liquid contents by shutting the supply main while you leave the tap open to allow free flow of water from the tap. You will notice that the flow stops when the pipes are completely empty or they hold too little amounts of water that the liquid can no longer flow easily towards the tap.

    Another option is to do a clean-up that is aided by mechanical tools such as rodding heads, CCTV Camera drones, mechanical cutter and hydro-jet water hoses. The CCTV camera inspection is very helpful in knowing the exact condition of the pipe. The drone sends live feeds to the monitor above the surface while it is controlled through a remote. By doing this, the homeowner gets an inkling of what really is happening inside the pipes. This is probably the most detailed and accurate diagnosis of the pipe line.

    Tip #2: Search of an Effective Solution

    When dealing with pipeline issues, it is important to always look for the most effective solution so you do not only lose your hard-earned money for nothing, you also get the desired results. Here are 3 methods you can look into:

    • Hydro Jetting

    One very effective way of seeing to the maintenance of your pipelines and sewer lines is to make sure that you routinely flush out whatever accumulation and dirt there is inside the pipe. By using a hydro jet tool, you can be sure that the FOG build up is completely flushed down the drain and eliminated through the sewer lines.

    • Pipe Lining

    This modern method uses a specially mixed resin with custom length that hardens in moments and sets to become one of the strongest materials ever to be turned into a pipeline. The pipe lining technique is becoming more and more popular since it makes the pipeline virtually impenetrable by most factors to deterioration and pipe failure. It gives your pipe line an extra 25 years of sturdy and effective service. It does not require the same amount of digging as the traditional one does. It is also significantly cheaper and more effective than pipe replacement methods.

    • Pipe Bursting

    This technique is usually reserved for cases when pipe relining can no longer be applied due to severe structural damage and deformity. The method is done by using a bursting tool that had specific heads attached to it to cater to the needs of the pipe that is about to be repaired or replaced. Attached to the bursting tool is the new pipe to make the process continuous and quick. The lifespan of this method will depend entirely on the quality of the new pipe.