• The Perks of Applying Cured In Place Pipe Repair

    One of the most common pipe repair process in the world for a long time is pipe replacement. In this approach, the pipe team must excavate the site, remove the pipes, and then put the new one in its place. It is truly a hassle, expensive, inconvenient, and damaging method. But with the rise of trenchless technology, there are now new pipe rehabilitation methods that render pipe replacement obsolete. One of the best trenchless technology pipe repairs is known as “Cured-in-Place Pipe’’ or CIPP for short. This makes use of epoxy pipe resins that are applied into the sewer pipe lining in order to create a new and fortified pipe layer. CIPP has a lot of benefits, which you can read more information below.


    Water flow is significantly better

    An aged or damaged pipeline has a lot of debris and has inefficient water flow, which can cause clogs if not repaired. The epoxy resin used in CIPP is more than just a tough pipe material structure, it also has an added benefit which increases and augments the water flow of the pipe line. This is also because epoxy can become a smooth surface once cured inside the sewer lining.     


    You don’t have to worry about corrosion

    Galvanised steel is a popular choice for pipes in the past and even today. It’s durable just like other tough materials used in pipes, but when it’s about to reach its expected age limit, it will corrode badly. It can even cause obstruction due to its rusty parts and awful water flow. Epoxy resin doesn’t have any hints of metal which means you don’t have to worry about advanced rusting. Even though epoxy resin isn’t a metal-based pipe liner, it’s still considered to be durable and can last for many decades. Without the threat of corrosion, the likeliness of having pipe leaks is reduced.  


    Excavation process is only reserved for sewer pipes that are extremely damaged

    As what was discussed earlier, pipe repair can wreck the whole landscape near the dig site which is very expensive to restore and can cause environmental hazards during the repair process. CIPP makes use of trenchless technology which means it doesn’t have any site digging unless the sewer pipe line has extensive damage. Plumbers will just clear out the drain with a hydro jetter and/or remove any roots that are present and insert the epoxy resin. Because there is little to no property damage, you won’t have to spend much money for a landscape restoration.


    Can be used on selected areas only

    Replacing or repairing an entire pipe system just to fix a few damaged parts is really impractical and costly. But thanks to the trenchless tech of CIPP, you can have the option to conduct repairs on a few selected areas that are heavily damaged. The plumbers can just examine the damaged pipe with the use of a camera and plan actions on how to effectively insert the epoxy liner without disrupting the whole sewer pipeline. Compared to other methods, this is more affordable and sensible.